Paris, in Black and White

Notre Dame BW
Notre Dame, Paris

Black-and-white pictures are always interesting to take. The photographer has to think about the quantity of light that will be reflected by subjects rather than colors, and composition becomes all the more important. All the pictures in this post were taken in 2012 with a Canon film SLR directly on a black-and-white film (I believe it was a Kodak T-MAX 100), except the last one which was taken in 2015 with my Canon Rebel T3i (EOS 600D) and then processed with DxO Optics Pro and DxO FilmPack.

The Seine River from Ile Saint-Louis, Paris
I don't really remember what I was trying to photograph here...
Bastille Subway Station, Paris. It was very cloudy so I put the camera on the fence to have a longer exposure (ISO 100)
Gare Montparnasse
Gare Montparnasse. This is the picture taken with my DSLR and post-processed with DxO Optics Pro and DxO FilmPack.

DxO FilmPack lets photographers select a film filter from existing films but also adds the grain corresponding to that film, resulting in very credible photographs (if you don’t abuse the contrast settings as I did here.)

Place: Paris